The Mighty Terror

The Mighty Terror, originally uploaded by ZKUCO.

El Chompiras

que bueno el chompiras con su amigo intelectual el botija

roberto gomez bolaños, regio escritor y comediante, pequeño shakespeare


ah si si

Inuit woman in fantastic clothing

Kipferl Phone Card

Caribe Afirmativo

Postals Commisioned  by Corporación Caribe Afirmativo for the first organized Sexual Diversity Parade in Cartagena and signing of a Rights Agreement between the LGBT community and Civil, Public and Private representants.

Comision de la Corporación Caribe Afirmativo, se trata de postales para la marcha por la Diversidad Sexual en la ciudad de Cartagena entregadas por motivo de la firma de un un pacto de derechos entre la comunidad LGBT y representantes de la Ciudad



Inseminators, Preñadores, Contributors, Donors, Supervisors, Fertilizers, progenitors, Producers, FOOLS.

Hurrrrrrrrrrr Hurrrrrrrrrr

SOUND.jPG Harmony Korinun

SOUND.JPG is back

In case you dont know, this is a still from  a movie, Mr. Lonely by Harmony Korine a good film.

This is why Pt2

“A sip, a Fume, A bit? I do not know,
because this substance never shows itself,
just like Love, Initially Hidden, Ultimately Hidden,
but once it shines, once shown,
Light leaks in”

this ends “This is Why”

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This is Why

“The just amount of intoxication should be procured, Weaving love with love, bound together, the result is to be collected.
If I wish to perceive a presence, closing of doors, leaks of light are expected.
The intoxicating substance I have, it’s amount unknown. Love is readily available now, it’s presence I can sense sharply.
Even when the doors are closed.”
more to come

a little something I imagined last day. here: bigger version