SOUND.jPG Harmony Korinun

SOUND.JPG is back

In case you dont know, this is a still from  a movie, Mr. Lonely by Harmony Korine a good film.


This is why Pt2

“A sip, a Fume, A bit? I do not know,
because this substance never shows itself,
just like Love, Initially Hidden, Ultimately Hidden,
but once it shines, once shown,
Light leaks in”

this ends “This is Why”

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This is Why

“The just amount of intoxication should be procured, Weaving love with love, bound together, the result is to be collected.
If I wish to perceive a presence, closing of doors, leaks of light are expected.
The intoxicating substance I have, it’s amount unknown. Love is readily available now, it’s presence I can sense sharply.
Even when the doors are closed.”
more to come

a little something I imagined last day. here: bigger version

Hank cooper

he projected over nine thousand new opportunities for the company in different industries.

[Music] Colita

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A song for our new cat, zenigata

[Music] KUSO – SCG Rarismo

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Dawn upon the slums, how wonderful!
No one cries, there is no sadness and no grief.
The sun in its color, so beautiful, and nature smiling, and painting it all.
You also remind me of the dawn, when you arrive, shining light over my lifeless roads.
But what I have left is so little, almost nothing, but to keep on going down this lost road…